Triangle companies that have developed plans incorporating the marketing opportunities outlined below have seen a significant increase in sales, productivity and morale -- all of which positively impact the bottom line.

The Sponsorship and Sales Team for the Carolina Hurricanes and PNC Arena is available to assess your needs and build a program that is uniquely packaged for you.

Permanent Placement

  • Scoreboard Signs
  • Concourse Signs
  • Themed gathering areas (ie. Natty Greene's Pub Deck)

High Impact Signage

The most visible signage in the arena during hockey events, these items are seen throughout the entire game. Any fan watching the game will notice your presence in the PNC Arena.

  • Dasherboards
  • In-Ice Logos
  • Olympia Ice Resurfacing Machine
  • Player Bench and Penalty Box


Stop the Presses!

A variety of documents are printed by the Hurricanes each season for use by fans and sponsors alike.

Other items are available for purchase at a retailer or on a subscription basis. Many of these items are kept as souvenirs; therefore your advertisement is not just thrown away.

Carolina Hurricanes…

  • Yearbook
  • Media Guide
  • Pocket Schedule

These items bring a sponsor’s message to life. Combined with other sponsorship elements, printed messages enhance a promotion or campaign strategy.


Across All Wavelengths

The Carolina Hurricanes strive to provide the most value for your partnership. We utilize multiple forms of media presentations to promote our sponsors and their products. Our corporate partners may receive full support across the media spectrum utilizing Hurricanes Radio, Television and CarolinaHurricanes website.

Get Noticed

By becoming a partner with the Carolina Hurricanes you assure your company of getting its message across to the masses.

Break Down the Walls

By featuring your product on the Hurricanes communication network you are able to cross demographic barriers, positioning your message and product in the most desirable targeted demographics.

The Team

Our renowned team of broadcasters, on radio and television, along with our expert web development team, combine to drive customers to your company. Our unique approach incorporates each of these mediums to provide partnership value. 


For more information on partnering with the Carolina Hurricanes and PNC Arena, please call (919) 861-6201 or email.